We don't feel restricted by this list of services.  If you can dream it we can build it.  Please get in touch if you have an idea that is not listed here...

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Site consultation

A one hour, on site meeting with you regarding any aspects of your landscape while standing right in your yard. After discussing the ideas you have and any ideas we've come up with together you can decide if you'd like to see an estimate for any or all of the items we've talked about. Within a week we'll send you an easy to read and itemized estimate of the project for your review. We can change or amend the estimate at any point in time and when you're ready to move into construction we send you a construction contract that reflects the work to be completed on the estimate. Easy as that!


Whether it's a sweeping flagstone garden-walkway or functional, low-maintenance composite deck, patios and walkways can define beauty, elegance and durability. Patios and decks can convert your otherwise unusable space to stunning outdoor entertaining areas and pathways can make far off places on your property become easily accessible yet still secluded sitting areas. With so many choices in materials there is sure to be a product that will fit any budget!

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An outdoor kitchen makes it easy to enjoy a complete indoor experience in your own backyard. There are a variety of powerful, professional appliances to keep the party going. Whether you'd just like to build in your existing grill to a functional counter top or have the ability to rinse vegetables and mix drinks, there is no end to what an outdoor kitchen can do.

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Why retreat to the warmth of the indoors once the weather turns chilly when you can warm up on your deck or patio with the many styles of attractive outdoor fireplaces and fire pits? Whether you're looking for a portable wood burning fire pit or gas stone fireplace we can take the atmosphere of your outdoor living space to a whole new level.

Boulders, retaining walls, custom stonework

Natural stone can add an immense amount of interest, impact and character to your landscape. These elements are inanimate and never need to be watered, weeded or cared for. Yet, they can still provide a wonderful sense of permanence and compliment to the shrubs and trees that surround them.


Water features

People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are drawn to the sound and sight of moving water. Water features in the landscape define an atmosphere, add curb appeal and create a wildlife habitat! There are many different types of features from small pondless boulder bubblers that require less maintenance to full on babbling brooks, koi ponds and stunning waterfalls that can create exceptional ambiance. Water features are also known to be therapeutic, creating a relaxing sight and sounds that positively affect your emotions and improve your sense of well-being.


Specialty gardens

There are many different types of specialty gardens to choose from depending on your desires. From Healing gardens that can, at the same time, nourish your skin and sooth your soul... to Spiritual gardens that are a sanctuary free from the stresses of the outside world that can give you peace and serenity and even a certain degree of mental healing. Many of us that work a typical job feel that we never get to enjoy our gardens since many of the flowers blooming have closed their petals by the time we arrive home from a day at work. Moon gardens are a fascinating way to enjoy your outdoor space in the evening. They are designed with plants that can be seen, or bloom, at dusk! Moon gardens are filled with fragrant and very light/white shades of flowers and foliage that look luminous in moonlight. Please contact us for more information or ideas on specialty gardens.